Weleda Skin Food: The Good Food for Your Skin

Amazon ImageJust as the body needs food to sustain our everyday activities, so does the skin to keep up with the daily perils it has to face like dust and dirt that threaten its natural softness and glow. Good thing  good food is made just right for the skin with the existence of Weleda Skin Food. It’s especially made to hydrate and protect the skin from all harmful elements that makes it dry and rough.


Made from the organic calendula flower extract that gently nourishes and cares for skin,Weleda Skin Food is an intense, deep hydrating cream that restores moisture and protects skin of any age. Its hydrating capability goes deep into the skin’s surface preventing it from becoming dry and rough and making it soft and supple with a healthy glow.

What are Users Saying about this Product?

The PROs

  • Non-greasy
  • Works best for the skin during cold and dry weather
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Effectively relaxes tired hands
  • Cures skin rashes
  • Rich cream

 The CONs

  • Allergic reaction: intense itching
  • Strong smell
  • Leaves a greasy film on skin
  • Too oily and hard to rub in

Who Should Buy this Product

Every skin deserves good organic food. For dry skin types, Weleda Skin Food is a great choice as every tube is packed with proven effective hydrating ingredients to keep skin from drying and getting rough.


This great and all-natural skin food has garnered compliments from its users. In fact 45 users gave a perfect rating for its overall performance in keeping the skin at its peak of health. However, complaints about experiencing allergic reactions likewise exist, so if you’re not sure whether your skin would gladly take in the ingredients in this cream, have the product checked by your dermatologist first.


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