Hand Cream Reviews

You look for ways to pamper your face as well as your feet but neither give ample time to gratify the most hardworking part of your body – your hands.

The hand plays a very significant role in the performance of one’s day to day activity. You use your hands when you need to hold a ladle when you cook, to pick your pen on the floor and believe it your not, you need your hands in order to walk properly since it aids in giving balance while walking.

These are a just few of their countless uses; hence, it’s only proper to give your hard working hands a reward after a day’s work by giving it some massage with the use of a hand cream.

Here is a list of the top 10 Hand Creams out in the stores to give you a good head start in choosing the perfect brand that would give your hands the pampering it so deserves.

Top Ten Hand Cream Products


Buying Guide for Hand Creams

Determining the right cream for your hands will not just give it a little reward but will also save it from aging too fast. Here are few important things you need to remember before picking a hand cream on the store shelf.

1. Seek for Professional Advice

It is always a good step to talk to your dermatologist to ask for recommendations when it comes to choosing the right product to soothe your tired hands. Their expert advice plays a vital role in coming up with the right choice of product for your hands.

2. Determine your Skin Type

This is very important whenever you are to purchase something that needs to be applied on the skin. Knowing whether your skin is oily, dry or sensitive is a vital step before deciding on what type of hand cream to buy. This will likewise help you in determining the proper treatment to use and which product is more suitable for your need.

3. Go over the Ingredients

A lot of hand creams are available in the market today ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, all promising multiple benefits on the skin. However, the effectiveness of the product is not measured on how much money you spend for it. It is wiser to get acquainted with the ingredients that can be found in an effective hand cream. Before you decide which product goes to your cart, check if the following are included in the list of ingredients:

Anti-Aging Ingredients – the skin on the hands ages quickly since it is often exposed to chemicals, dirt,dust and other factors that hasten the skin’s aging. Before picking a bottle of hand cream, check if it contains antioxidants. Antioxidants aid in the renewal of skin as it exfoliates the dead skin to replenish it with a new one.

Moisturizing Ingredients – keeping your hands wrinkle-free is not enough. Go for hand creams that also provide a moisturizing effect on your skin. Most ingredients that give this benefit are jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil and olive oil.

Protective Ingredients – Sunscreen is the most common protective ingredient you can find in most hand creams. The inclusion of sunscreen helps keep your hands softer and younger-looking since too much sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin aging.

 4. Try it First

Test the product first. Most stores provide testers which give an easy reach for customers to try the product right then and there. By doing such, you will be able to prevent yourself from having allergic reactions to some of the ingredients of the product. Always bear in mind that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your hands really deserve to be treated right and with the wide variety of hand creams sold in stores, it’s always an advantage to get to know how one differs from the other in terms of effectiveness so as to keep your hands happy.

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