Healing and Moisturizing with StriVectin-SDTM Intensive Concentrate

Amazon ImageDon’t let any skin imperfection get your confidence down. With the inception of various beauty products to answer every skin issue, you no longer have any reason not to avail of any of it. One of science’s great breakthrough is StriVectin-SDTM Intensive Concentrate, a single cream that does two things: It treats lines, wrinkles and stretchmarks while keeping the skin properly moisturized.


StriVectin-SDTM Intensive Concentrate can be used to treat both stretch marks and wrinkles. Each tube is packed with ingredients like the following:

  1. Oligopeptide which helps stimulate fibroblast to promote collagen synthesis to lighten the appearance of stretch marks
  2. NIA-114 to help repair DNA to make the skin healthy
  3. Tetrapeptide to hasten production of collagen to improve skin elasticity and minimize wrinkle appearance
  4. Swiss Apple Stem Cells that’s proven effective to promote longevity of skin cells to defend the skin from pollutants that causes skin aging.

Product Reviews


  • Evens out skin tone
  • Less greasy
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Contains peptides that helps to restore collagen
  • Works well with wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Improved formulation


  • Fake items are rampant
  • Blushing effect
  • Warming effect on first application

Who Would Find this Product Ideal?

StriVectin-SDTM Intensive Concentrate is ideal for all skin types but with a little precaution on those with sensitive skin especially when used as an anti-wrinkle cream on the face as the NIA-114 ingredient in the formulation may cause some blushing effect.


36 good reviews versus 24 negative comments aren’t so bad especially when you go over the common complaints of the reviews which mostly states about a blushing and warming effect that’s caused by the inclusion of NIA-114 in the formulation. A little blushing wouldn’t be a big problem if that’s what achieving a perfect skin is worth.

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