Discover a Refreshing Way to Look Younger with a Green Tea Moisturizer

Amazon ImageGreen tea is undeniably gaining popularity in various fields including weight management, alleviation of some health concerns and most of all, in skin care. As you know, green tea is known for its huge amount of antioxidant content that’s proven effective to defy the signs of aging. Now, you can experience the goodness of green tea on your skin with Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer sold in 2.5 ounces tube.


Like the green tea you drink, Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer offers the a great moisturizing effect on your skin while keeping it young and vibrant. Each tube contains botanical ingredients such as green tea, iris and macadamia nut extract that’s rich in antioxidant content. These antioxidants help promote cell regeneration as well as fight the the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on your face.

The Two Sides of the Story

 Side A (+)

  • Non-greasy solution
  • Natural formulation
  • Oil-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Effectively improves skin complexion
  • Light cream
  • Refreshing scent
  • Controls oil effectively
  • Great option for people with oily/ acne prone skin

 Side B (-)

  • Doesn’t have sun protection
  • No significant improvement as skin remained dry and flaky
  • Doesn’t hydrate/moisturize skin’s dry areas – reapplication is needed

To Whom this Product Works Well

This Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer does a great job for those with oily skin since its formulation is oil-free and includes an oil-controlling property. If you’ve got dry skin however, you might end up experiencing severe dryness because the ingredients do not match your skin’s needs so it would be best to go for another moisturizer.


If 32 gave 5 stars and only 2 gave the 1-star rating, needless to say, Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisturizer is indeed effective. Also, if you’d go over the results of the reviews, the only common concerns are the complaints of skin remaining dry and the absence of an SPF. For the former, the product’s components may not suit the dry type of skin so the thing to do would be to choose another moisturizer that caters to such type. For the latter complaint, admittedly, having an SPF is advantageous as this plays an important role in protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays but still, its absence doesn’t affect the overall efficacy of the product.


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