Meet the Industrial Healer for Your Industrial Hands

Amazon ImageDid you know that because they have the smallest oil glands, your palm and the back of your hands tend to get the driest? Well, that little problem can be taken care of with Industrial Strength Hand Healer. Especially effective for people who wash their hands frequently or spend a lot of time outdoor in rugged temperatures, it’s the perfect industrial healer for your industrial hands!


Industrial Strength Hand Healer is a rich, non-greasy formula intended to help heal and soothe dry, chapped and cracked hands. Road tested and sworn by golfers, carpenters and chefs to be effective, this hard-working cream is set to repair tough, calloused skin and cuticles. This product works best with the following key ingredients:
  • Macadamia Nut Oil – softens and moisturizes skin
  • Vitamins A and E – conditions and softens skin and cuticles
  • Allantoin and Glycerin – softens and lubricates dry skin
  • Eucalyptus – a natural antiseptic that refreshes skin

Are People In Favor of this Product?

The Affirmatives

  • Absorbs completely and leaves no residue
  • Effectively alleviates dry, cracked hands and makes them smooth and soft
  • Noticeable, dramatic results with just a few days’ application
  • Not irritable to sensitive skin
  • Lasts until you wash it off
  • Has the right consistency
  • Bit pricey but economical to use as you only need a little amount
  • Takes on a cool, dry, non-greasy/non-oily feel within 30 seconds of application
  • Has an ingredient that helps skin to heal fast from cuts. It’s good for skin irritations, chapping, cracking of the epidermis and wounds that are slow to heal.

The Negatives

  • Others find its eucalyptus fragrance strong
  • Didn’t have effect for some
  • Doesn’t come off completely even after washing it up

 Who Should Use this Product?

People who wash their hands frequently and work often outdoors under extreme temperatures would find theIndustrial Strength Hand Healer very helpful in keeping their hands from drying, chapping, cracking and bleeding. Men, most especially, would appreciate its performance as it’s made to suit up to the kind of weather temperature and exposure their work demands from them.


Twenty-two raving reviews with zero complaints is enough to tell anyone that Industrial Strength Hand Healer is an effective product, which makes it a wise buy.


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