Finulite: Putting an End to Cellulite

Amazon ImageCellulite is what makes skin appear to have areas with underlying fat deposit, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Most noticeable on buttocks and thighs, it usually occurs after puberty. Now, what we all women would give to make them disappear so that we could wear those bikinis, shorts and short skirts with confidence. Good thing we can with Finulite. From the french word, “Fin” which means End, it’s name is pretty straight to the point: The End to Cellulite.


The latest breakthrough in cellulite reduction, Finulite is a two-part AM/PM system that treats cellulite continuously, 24 hours a day. What makes it different from other cellulite treatments is instead of focusing on reducing the appearance of cellulite which is a very temporary fix, its scientifically engineered formula attacks the problem deep within the cell making it your comprehensive solution to your battle against the dreaded cellulite. With the addition of the more potent, Theophylline to its ingredients, cellulite is attacked at the source; thereby, speeding up the fat burning process and shrinking fat cells faster.  As it fights both the causes and effects of cellulite, Finulite not only gives results that last, it also protects and prevents it from appearing.

What Are People Saying about this Product?


  • Visible results in just two-three weeks
  • Makes the skin firmer and look smoother
  • Painless way of eliminating cellulite
  • No burning sensation
  • Great fragrance – smells like an expensive body lotion
  • Paraben-free
  • Easy to use


  • Effect was only moisturization and didn’t do anything to reduce cellulite
  • No significant change or cellulite reduction for the majority of complainants

Who Should Use this Product?

The effective formulation of Finulite makes it a great choice for anyone, regardless of skin type, who wants to get rid of those cellulite that’s stopping them from wearing their sexy short clothes or best bikinis.


The 142 positive reviews of Finulite far outweigh its 34 negative feedback so it seems like a promising product to try to end your battle with cellulite however, consider also the complaints so you can decide, aware of both the pros and cons of the product. You might want to ask people you know who have tried it as to how it effective it was for them.


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