Meet Your Perfect Partner for Holistic Skin Care

Amazon ImageYour skin is constantly exposed to various elements making it more prone to dryness and roughness. Thus, healthy lifestyle and proper skin regimen must be practiced. Taking care of your skin need not be complicated. That’s why Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream is the perfect partner to give your skin the holistic care it needs to withstand the daily hazards it’s got to face.


Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream, which comes in threes, is especially made to alleviate severe dryness of the skin due to harsh environmental elements. Each bottle is packed with salient ingredients to help improve the condition of the skin. This includes  lecithin, a water binding agent found naturally in the skin and phospholipids, which restores and maintains the dry and sensitive skin’s natural moisture balance. Non-greasy and absorbs into skin quickly, it’s paraben-free so you’re sure that it’s safe even for daily use. For sensitive skin types, this product is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

Product Views

The Good

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non-greasy
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Heals sunburn
  • Softens the skin
  • Effective for sensitive skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Paraben-free

The Bad

  • Resulted into pimples
  • Gave a tight feeling after it dried
  • Has an unpleasant smell
  • Not available in local stores

To Whom this Product Works Best

Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream is a great beauty partner for all types of skin. So, everyone can now experience its benefit in saving your skin from dryness by keeping it constantly hydrated.


Sixty two perfect ratings go a long way to prove its efficiency versus the two low ratings given by those who weren’t satisfied with its performance. And if you’re one of the majority who have experienced its efficacy, use the product sparingly as you can’t find it in your local stores.

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