Moisturizer Reviews

As its name implies, a moisturizer enhances the moisture level of your skin. It works on getting the outer layer of your skin soft and radiant. It also hydrates skin, keeping it from losing moisture by covering skin pores or by attracting moisture from the air and allowing skin to absorb it.

Moisturizing skin is essential in order to maintain its health. Aside from keeping your skin soft and supple, it prevents it from aging and drying. The act of massaging skin while applying the moisturizer enables a healthy blood flow around your face, especially near the cheeks, holding back signs of aging and resulting into giving you that youthful radiance.

Choosing the best moisturizer can be tough, what with the many brands out there claiming to be the best. But we understand how important this is to you because isn’t it good looks that we all seek for afterall? So we have below our bucket list of the top 10 moisturizers, based on research from the internet, which would surely guide you in choosing the right product to use in your quest to have healthy, beautiful skin.


Top Ten Moisturizer Products

Buying Guide for Best Moisturizers

Whether in drugstores or cosmetic departments, many brand names are claiming to be the greatest moisturizer available leaving us more confused than ever with which product to buy. A wise thing to do though is to, first of all, determine the skin type you have. Whether in cream, lotion or ointment form, Moisturizers are made to suit a certain skin type and knowing this vital information puts you on the right track in choosing the product for you and give you value for the money you invested.

Oily skin is due to overactive sebacious glands which gives you enlarged pores, blackheads and make you prone to acne because of oil overproduction and build-up. What’s best for this type of skin are water-based moisturizers. If you have acne, try a moisturizer with salycylic acid as this helps clear pores and prevents them from clogging.

Dry skin gives a dull, no glow look and an itchy, tight feel due to natural lack of oil production. Other factors like cold winter weather and chlorine in water content are contributors too. For such skin type, go for a moisturizer with lanolin and mineral oil that locks in moisture. Look for one which also contains AHA lactic acid as this helps soften the skin’s top layer thereby helping moisture to be absorbed.

Sensitive skin is sensitive to fragrance and chemicals so make sure to get moisturizers that clearly states fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Get one that has less than 10 ingredients to lower chances of possible reactions that can trigger an outbreak. You can go the natural way and buy organic products but make sure to avoid one with too many plant extracts because this can still cause irritation.

From its name, combination skin has both characteristics of oily and dry skin. This means skin is oily on the T-zones with drier areas around the face. You can go for moisturizers that have ingredients catering to both skin types but you also have a choice of buying them separately. You can go for an oil-free moisturizer to help prevent your T-zones from getting oilier and for areas where your skin is dry, use an oilier moisturizer by dabbing it on the affected areas.

Another important thing to consider when buying moisturizers, no matter what skin type you have, is to make sure that it contains SPF 15 or ideally, SPF 30, to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.



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